Street Art in NY – 5 pointz

Anyone taking the 7 train in to Manhattan has seen the Phun Phactory or what was once called the Phun Phactory. Currently known as 5Pointz the building is an ever changing canvas for graffiti artists.

This is a Sunday, Artists are out enforce.

5pointz isn’t the only place to see stunning graffiti. The original Phun Phactory has re-launched in Brooklyn.

They are on twitter too. –

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Victorian Inspired Monogram Shield Necklace – Custom

Victorian Inspired Monagram Shield Necklace Custom by SacredUrban

New to our line is a Monogram necklace

Inspired by Victorian love token worn on a watch fob, this sterling silver pendant has a center shield for a monogram.

avail via Sacred Urban @ Etsy

Rocker Mom!

Rocker Mom!

Just love this simple and edgy purse! Perfect gift for the edger mom with style.

$89 Handmade via Una shop @ Etsy

Skulls and Cross Bones Dinnerware

Skull and Cross Dinner Plate

Dinner parties just got a little interesting and a bit darker with the help of Folded Pigs Skulls and Cross Bones Dinner ware.

Setting your table with plates and cups adorned with skulls and crosses is a great start, but how about baking with it?Just loved this picture of cupcakes baked in the cups.  Oven safe you can bake in them. Can you go wrong with that? Beautiful, Interesting and Useful?

Dinner Plates $17, Cups $15 via Foldedpigs on Etsy

New Sizes for Venus Ring

The Venus Erotic ring is one of my clients favorites.

In the past is was available only in 6 1/2 after receiving request for different sizes it is now it is available in 6 1/2, 7 1/2, 7 3/4 and 9

Sold at Bliss St the full website – or- Sacred Urban @ etsy -or- SacredUrban @ 1000markets

Step one of the Warrior Skull Series

Working on a Warrior Skull Collection. First Step? Getting some really cool and old Coral skulls.

Skull one

Possible Designs for this skull – American Indian Chief, Viking King, or ??????

See all the skull pictures—–>

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Scott Campbell’s Money

Brooklyn Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell is an amazing artist with ink. Yet it’s his work with money that is jaw dropping.

Just click on to the picture to get a bigger Image.