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Street Art in NY – 5 pointz

Anyone taking the 7 train in to Manhattan has seen the Phun Phactory or what was once called the Phun Phactory. Currently known as 5Pointz the building is an ever changing canvas for graffiti artists.

This is a Sunday, Artists are out enforce.

5pointz isn’t the only place to see stunning graffiti. The original Phun Phactory has re-launched in Brooklyn.

They are on twitter too. – http://twitter.com/THEPHUNPHACTORY

Follow, participate or just admire.


Urban Fashion Artist Randi Tannenbaum

At CosaVerde Randi Tannebaum’s work  consists of mostly License plates and leather. Cutting, folding, compressing and Welding(?) them into wearable urban art. Or  just cool accessories.

She describes her work as urban graffiti. well the actual phrase is ” The pieces are more like urban grafitti – suggesting a private meaning while radiating an unmistakable movement and energy.”

It made my smile. Simply. It’s handmade, bold and has style. Although I think her belt buckles and buttons are her most unique items, each one is different, that is not all she makes.

Over at her etsy shop. She has a selection sterling and beaded jewelry. It is an eclectic collection that seems to incorporate different styles.