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Skulls and Cross Bones Dinnerware

Skull and Cross Dinner Plate

Dinner parties just got a little interesting and a bit darker with the help of Folded Pigs Skulls and Cross Bones Dinner ware.

Setting your table with plates and cups adorned with skulls and crosses is a great start, but how about baking with it?Just loved this picture of cupcakes baked in the cups.  Oven safe you can bake in them. Can you go wrong with that? Beautiful, Interesting and Useful?

Dinner Plates $17, Cups $15 via Foldedpigs on Etsy


Hoops from the Sea to the Streets.

Jetsam’s Surfer Hoops ($75) are Hand forged. Simple yes but not boring. These are definitely the kind of earrings that can go with any daytime outfit. Jetsam has more hand forged items with set with sea glass but these are my favorites.

Marlena Genau has a different twist on hoops. Her bio says “I savor the pleasure of pushing metal to its limits.” and she does in the AC Hoop Earrings ($265). They look more like sculpted ribbons than sterling hammered into twists.
{Marlena Genau’s shop is empty currently but worth checking back}

I can’t mention anticlastic earrings with out showing Nancy Linkin’s work. Simply named “Spiral Earrings” ($425-595) these spiral earrings are graceful, organic and the reason I think she is the queen of anticlastic metal work.


Modern Hoops started in the streets. With out a doubt DMD Metal brings us amazing hoops that is all street with no boardroom or ballroom. These Train Hoops ($195) are not for every event but they do make an statement. What wonderful art!